Nespresso Espresso Machine: Nespresso D110 Citiz Limousine Black Automatic Espresso Machine

  • Limousine black exterior
  • Programmable volume control
  • Folding cup support
  • Capsules automatically eject in a container
  • Removable drip tray

Nespresso Espresso Machine: Nespresso D110 Citiz Limousine Black Automatic Espresso Machine Reviews

Sooo easy! (By Lyra)

Perfect espresso or espresso drinks every time. I have purchased two of these: one for me and one for my daughter. Starbuck’s doesn’t come close to what you can do with this machine…and you probably save $$$ in the long run!

Great machine. (By Eddie)

Makes great espresso and coffee. Quite a few delicious varieties and so simple to use. Now I can have have an espresso or a lungo or an american or a cappuccino whenever I want. And I like that the capsules are metal, not paper. That guarantees the freshness of the coffee inside. Nespresso is amazing at shipping. I order coffee at their website in the morning, and I have it at my door the next day. You can pay extra for guaranteed overnight shipping. But don’t do it. I select standard shipping and it’s almost always here the next day – at most one additional day once in a while.

Great little machine (By Harvey in PA)

The espresso comes out hot with some crema on top. It is the best espresso for this priced pod machine I have had. You have to understand you are getting mostly a single purpose machine- espresso or slightly larger luongo coffee. The pods are more expensive compared to others, but the coffee is high quality too.
I did not purchase the frother due to all the poor reviews of it.

Not good for high volume drinkers (By Ozzie Rodriguez)

Machine worked fine but we thought you could use for coffee size cups also. Large cup setting yields about 5 ounces only so you woul need 2 pods to fill a large cup. This makes it rather expensive as up to 8 pods or more would be used by a high volume drinker daily. Works better for those who just use for expresso. Most of the flavors were very good.