Nespresso Espresso Machine: Nespresso CitiZ C110 Automatic/Programmable Coffee Espresso and Lungo Machine, Titanium

  • 8.07 X 13.46 X 10.16
  • water tank: 1 liter
  • 19 bars of pressure
  • Folding Drip tray for latte machiatto glass
  • Energy power save mode

Nespresso Espresso Machine: Nespresso CitiZ C110 Automatic/Programmable Coffee Espresso and Lungo Machine, Titanium Reviews

Cool looking & easy to use, but… (By YesandNo)

This machine looks cool, industrial, somewhat retro and couldn’t be easier to use. All it takes is to turn it on, pop in a capsule, and then press either the Espresso (small cup) or the Lungo (bigger cup) button. A few moments later, the coffee pours into the cup. That’s all there is to it.

The Citiz also feels high quality. For example, the tray that holds the espresso cup feels nice and heavy, and not like some flimsy cheap piece of plastic. Oftentimes smaller parts like that reveal the true quality of a machine and the Nespresso Citiz delivers here without question, high marks for that.

The machine comes with 16 sample capsules, i.e. one of each of the 16 permanently available flavors. It is fun trying these out and deciding on personal favorites. The machine produces rich crema for all flavors, so no complaints here. Each cup looks and tastes like the real thing, i.e. a nice and strong espresso or lungo.

The only caveat I see is with the Nespresso marketing system. The Grand Cru capsules this machine uses are exclusively available through Nespresso’s website. They cannot be purchased anywhere else. That’s one thing. I was also put off by the brouhaha Nespresso creates on its website – as if one were purchasing the crown jewels of coffee. Example: One cannot even order capsules before one has registered a machine, serial no. and all (i.e. no buying capsules ahead of time, before the machine is delivered). In addition to that, one only receives a membership number after the first order was placed. It feels too exclusive for its own good and the graphic-rich website with visible load times (even through very fast connections) gets in the way of efficiency.
Add to that all the other marketing efforts on that website – from promoting exclusive Nespresso boutiques in the most expensive cities in the world to selling shamelessly overpriced accessories such as cups and carrying cases, and I can’t help but slightly regret having decided on this machine. All I wanted was a machine that makes good espresso. I really do not care about Nespresso boutiques and simple machine carriers for a whopping $90.

I assume this is supposed to create exclusivity and make the customer feel like someone with a discerning taste. To me it borders on ridiculous. That said, the coffee is good and the design of the machine works. So I am still giving it 4 stars. Other than that I am trying my hardest to ignore all the rest…

UPDATE 6/2011:
It looks like there have been some changes made to the Nespresso website. It seems that now one actually can order the capsules without first having registered a machine.

UPDATE 8/16/12:
When ordering Nespresso capsules from the Nespresso website (pretty much the only place where to get these), they have now set a requirement for their customers to order multiples of 50 capsules. Which means you can either buy 50 or 100 or 150 etc. capsules when ordering. This rule of ‘multiples of 50’ did not exist before. To me this is a very annoying move on part of Nespresso because it doesn’t allow the customer to order, let’s say, 30 of a decaffeinated variety, 20 of a Lungo and 20 of an espresso variety. Now one must place orders for higher (or lower) quantities in order to reach the 50/100… multiples.

I thought I’d mention this because if you decide on a Nespresso machine you will need to order your capsules from their website exclusively (if you want genuine Nespresso, do not live near one of their boutiques and do not want to shop on eBay). I for one will take a long hard look at this marketing practice and probably scale down my usage of Nespresso considerably because of it.


I don’t really write reviews, and Amazon reviewers are so thorough and precise, I am a bit intimidated —–but having said that, I just had to give kudos to this machine. It is probably my 8th cappuccino maker – you all know the drill – they get clogged up, stop working and you are mad you spent so much money. This machine is expensive, but there is one main reason – THE CREMA! This is true european style, fabulous thick crema on top, (because it has a higher pressure) and amazing coffee flavors. It is the only coffee either of my kids will drink other than Starbucks. It is small, sooo easy to use…. one button, and best of all, no wand to heat milk and get messed up. I also love it that it has a container to hold the pods once they are used. They just slide into the container below the spout, and you toss in trash when full. I just microwave my skim milk, and use the cheap frother wand that is like $10, (not from nepresso) and whirl my milk while the machine is making cappuccino. When you turn the machine on, it takes only a moment to be ready, and then just a few seconds to process the cup of expresso, cappuccino, or a full cup of coffee. Yes the pods are expensive – yes they are fabulous….but mainly – this just doesn’t compare to drip or press coffee….We are total converts!! Also, everyone can have what they want – its so quick – it is great for guests —-one can have a mild expresso, someone else can have decaf, someone else can have a cappuccino – and all in a few minutes…I also found it is so rich and good, I don’t drink as many cups. I have gone from 2 or 3 or 4 cups of press coffee to 1 or 2 of these……Oh, also, nespresso does hold you captive, but they are good at what they do!
When I order pods, they arrive the next day for regular shipping charges, not overnight – and they come all the way cross country….I usually order 60 to 80 pods at a time….Enjoy, you will not be sorry. (Some pod machines make tea, and everything else – this one does not – it is only for fabulous expresso, cappuccino, or a regular cup of coffee.This is not a budget machine, you cannot \”refill\” your pods, or interchange other companies pods – but I think there is a reason – they want to control the quality, and do one thing right. I appreciate that in a product – don’t try to do everything half way – just do one thing well. ) Enjoy – you will not regret this purchase – hopefully. I was completely surprised by this. (Thanks to the lake tahoe hyaat regency for having this machine in our cabin for our use – we never would have known about it otherwise – and flipped for it. We drove housekeeping wild asking for more pods every day.)

great compact espresso machine (By Kilgore Trout)

I previously had a Nespresso D290 and really liked the Nespresso system. I wanted something more compact and decided I didn’t need the built in milk frothing (which is a pain to clean after each use). The Citiz takes up very little counter space and the fold up tray makes it easy to use full size coffee cups if desired. The default lungo setting seems a bit too large (pretty much just water coming out by the end of the shot), but this can be easily changed.

Yes, it’s expensive (50 cents/cup) compared to a fully manual machine, but it’s still a lot cheaper than any coffee shop, and very quick and easy.

My only complaints are that it doesn’t beep when the used capsule tray is full (like the D290 does) and if you accidentally hit the button with the chamber open, it will still try to brew and just pours water out into the spend capsule tray. The power switch is on the side towards the back, so this could be troublesome if you’re trying to squeeze it into a small space. But this is just nit picking on a very nice machine.

Strongly recommended (By hummingfish)

This is everything I wanted in a coffee machine and has become one of my favorite kitchen appliances.

It’s very easy to operate.

It makes great coffee – I’m getting $4 worth of coffee shop quality lattes for a price of a 0.50 capsule. I’m buying a lot less coffee now when I’m out.

It’s easy to disassemble, maintain and clean. This was as important to me as the drink quality when selecting a coffeemaker. and this product doesn’t disappoint.

It’s compact and works great for my limited counter space.