Nespresso Espresso Machine: Nespresso C190 Capsule Espresso Machine Titanium

  • Espresso machine using sealed capsules and able to make cappuccino.

Nespresso Espresso Machine: Nespresso C190 Capsule Espresso Machine Titanium Reviews

Love my cappuccino! (By GMA)

I splurged on this machine from Williams-Sonoma after buying a $60 machine from Target that I had to return because it didn’t work. It was originally intended for my husband as I am not a big coffee drinker, but I’ve ended up having a morning cappuccino several times a week since we bought it because it’s so easy and delicious. I can make espresso or cappuccino in just a few short minutes and don’t have to worry about cleanup because of the capsules.

The Nespresso capsules have both positive and negative qualities. It would be nice to have the convenience of using regular coffee (or Starbucks, if you prefer), or to be able to buy the capsules in stores rather than only online. The cost is higher than it would be using just coffee beans (about 45 cents per cup of espresso), but as my husband pointed out, he was spending $3.50 per cup at Starbucks, so it can save money in the long run. Positives: the capsules are so easy to use, just pop one in and start the machine, and after you’re done there are no grounds to tap out or mess to clean up. We got the “Roma” flavor (very good) and ordered the flavor variety kit, so if the other flavors are as good as the one we’ve tried, this will probably be the best purchase we’ve made this year.

Perfect Crema (By TF)

The C190 is very easy to use and quick as well to deliver that first morning espresso or cappucine. Very clean and neat with the cartridges and the cartridges I’ve tried so far have been good. The crema is absolutely perfect–always the hardest thing to achieve at home (IMHO). Would have gotten 5 stars, but always leery of proprietary cartridges……

from a lifetime espresso drinker (By Robert J. Lopez)

I grew up in Greenwich Village, and espresso has been a passion since high school, since I first tried it at the great Italian cafes on MacDougal street, Caffe Reggio and Caffe Dante among others. I’ve had great coffee in Paris and all over Italy. I can’t stand Starbucks espresso — too bitter, tastes burnt. And all the espresso machines I’ve bought in the past have all tasted like third rate Starbucks.

But the Nespresso machine is the answer to my prayers. The coffee (particularly the Ristretto kind) bring me right back to Europe and Greenwich Village. It’s the real thing. And so easy to use & beautifully designed. The capsule system is no-mess and fun to use.

It’s been my new favorite toy since my wife got it for me for Christmas.

Bravo Nestle! You were there for me as a kid with Qwik, and now you have made my adult life equally happy.

Who’d have thought?

Just superb for us! fast, clean, delicious and hot! (By Jill Lowe)

We saw it demonstrated on Friday and now Saturday have had it for 2 hours!We love this machine because:-

1)coffee hot

2)coffee is delicious

3)machine is ready to use in 1 minute

4) no mess!!!

5) no need to purchase a burr grinder

6) no cleanup

7) sleek looking and takes up so little room

8) milk is frothed easily

9) coffee is made very fast, so although it makes only one cup at a time, is so fast that one could not complain.

10)lovely aroma as it is brewing.

Considerations: Yes it is correct that you do not have the pleasure of buying coffee beans and grinding yourself, but we have gotten over that. Yes it costs 45c per cup: we have gotten over that. We opted not to get next level up as we wanted fewer features to go wrong. : so we wanted froth and coffee,and this is what we have. Perfect! A great purchase. Highly recommended.