Nespresso Espresso Machine: Essenza Manual Espresso Machine with Aeroccino Plus Milk Frother Bundle Option: Black/Aero+Bundle by Nespresso

  • Essenza Manual Espresso Machine with Aeroccino Plus Milk Frother Bundle Option: Black/Aero+Bundle

Nespresso Espresso Machine: Essenza Manual Espresso Machine with Aeroccino Plus Milk Frother Bundle Option: Black/Aero+Bundle by Nespresso Reviews

Wow! All I can say is Bye-Bye Versimo, there is someone new in my life… (By J. Hall)

When I first got into the single serve espresso at home game I wasn’t sure which way to go. Despite the reviews I decided on the Versimo Starbucks machine. It was a mistake. Like others my main complaint was the cream pods but even the espresso seemed to have an empty flavor. So I decided to dive into the world of Nespresso. SO GLAD I DID!

Part one: What’s in the box
The machine and frother came in a a single “Package deal” box and were labeled “not for individual sale” upon opening. So this is a starter package in essence as it also includes a sample of the 16 main flavors available. There’s a leather bound looking guide to the different flavor and a serial # card for registration/warranty. There is also paperwork (Directions, how to order pods and various Usage info)

Part Two: Initial setup
Couldn’t be easier, I washed the components and placed them on my counter. There are basically 3 parts. Nespresso Machine, Drip tray with used pod collector and water tank. Took about :20 seconds to assemble (The hardest part is pulling off the blue protective skin they cover the stainless drip tray with) The Frother is 3 parts, Base (great so you don’t have to unplug the unit to clean or pour, just lift it off the powered base) Main frother unit, and the lid. After cleaning this was assembled in 5 seconds.

Part three: First Use
So following directions, fill the water tank, turn the power on by pressing the left button, wait for the green start button on the right to go solid and then press the green button to run a short or two of hot water through. Simple enough. Here’s where I hit my first and only little issue. upon pressing the button, I could hear the sound of the machine working but alas no water was going through.
I gave it 1 min as instructed but still no water. This is when I went to the troubleshooting section. It stated that on first use or after a long time of no use (can’t ever see this happening now lol) you should open the pod insert level while the button is pushed and this will "Vent" the pump. Sure enough after doing this everything worked like a charm and the issue has never since reappeared. BE AWARE this is a manual machine! You place a pod in the top and position your Espresso shot glass on the tray. Press the Espresso button on the right side of the machine to start dispensing and press it again to stop. Each shot takes around :10 seconds to fill and total time from a cold start to a steamed cup is 1 min :10 seconds. Every following shot has no prep time. you can get 2 shots out of each pod and if making an iced drink or americana you can even drop a 3rd or 4th. After use simply flip up the pod latch and the spent pod falls into the drip tray collector bin inside the machine. To clean up run 1 or two shows of hot water only through the machine and hold the second shot over the nozzle. All done.

Part 4: The ESPRESSO!
Wow. We have a local beanery where I live that roasts grinds and brews espresso using state of the art equipment and fresh beans sent directly from the source. I haven’t been back since getting this machine. It is some of the smoothest freshest tasting espresso. My Latte’s are amazing Iced or Hot. There is such a wide range of flavors from mild to bitter, Every persons espresso preference has a representative. I’ve found "Roma" flavor to be the closest to starbucks although a tad bit nuttier. Vistretto and Arpeggio are a couple other favorites in my house. There are also a couple new "Designer pods" with Vanilla, Caramel and dark chocolate infused. They are pretty good as well. I couldn’t be happier with the flavor I get from this machine!

Part 5: The Frother
The Frother is awesome. 1 Button. Simply fill to the cold or hot level indicated by lines inside the frother. If frothing cold, press and hold the button for 2-3 seconds. If you want hot just press the button (make sure the lid is on) Hot or cold the milk is prepped perfect. My wife uses almond milk and that is frothed to perfection as well. Easy to use and perfect results every time. When done, simply lift the frother from the base and rinse under hot water for a second or two. Cleanup finished.

Amazing Value! This machine alone retails for $129 and the frother for $99 getting both for the price of just the machine is impossible to pass on if you are in the market. I am blown away by the quality and ease of use/cleanup! 5 stars and 6 if there was an option.

Delighted with both (By mbcoats)

I’m delighted with the Nespresso, and with the Aeroccino frother that came with it. I made a point of reading the instructions, and have had no problems at all. I wonder if I just got lucky or if the people who complain about the Aeroccino didn’t read the instructions….it’s working fine for us, no problems, no complaints.

the best espresso I’ve ever had in the comfort of my home (By D. Schaub)

This is by far the best espresso maker for the price. My wife and I love it! The best thing is that you can reuse the aluminum pods 3 or 4 times if you want to save money. I’m sold and the aeroccino is just the icing on the cake. For an extra $30 this combo deal is a no brainer.

Good little machine, but spend the extra $$$ for the Citiz (By Elizabeth Mulro)

This little guy does the trick to keep my caffeine additction satisfied while in the office. We have the big boy, the Citiz with Attached Frother, at home, and I like that one much better. The Essenza often fails to build up enough steam/pressure to puncture the Nespresso capsules, which is extrememly frustrating. Sometimes it take 10 minutes to make a latte because of this. It’s really frustrating when you are hoping to get a quick cup of joe on your way to a meeting! The other disappointing part was that, unlike the attached frother on our Citiz, the separate Aerocinno only came with a frothing element, not the steamer. I prefer steamed milk to foam, so I am missing this! Also, Nespresso customer service is typically amazing- however, their website STINKS. It is extremely un-user friendly. I had originally accidentally set up an account in the UK, but needed a US account, and they made me use a different e-mail, so I never get order confirmations. They also ship via UPS, who changed my address without my authorization (so it took 10 days to get a shipment that should have been overnight!). This problem would be ameliorated if you live in a city with a Nespresso boutique- they don’t sell the capsules anywhere else (Amazon prices are inflated). All in all, for the price, it’s worth it for a second machine. If this is your first Nespresso, spend the extra $100 to get the Citiz!

Great little machine! (By Desert Mambo)

I got this after having some problems with other machines. Originally, I wanted something that would make espresso and regular coffee, so I bought a CBTL machine, but after getting two straight from the company that didn’t work at all, I decided to get this, instead.

I’ve had it for about two weeks and love it! I’m fairly new to espresso, but I love the taste of it, the way it is creamier and fuller than filter coffee. I’m a convert!

I bought this machine because people who knew coffee better than me said the quality of the espresso was excellent, and the machine is super convenient. I agree! I thought I’d get one of the more expensive models, but I decided not to, given that the coffee is not that cheap, and I’m actually quite happy with this one. I don’t mind that it is manual, because as others have said, you’re making espresso. It doesn’t hurt to stand there in front of the machine, for, what, a minute or less? I can’t see any real reason to go up (significantly) in price for one of the more expensive models. I find this so convenient and so easy to use. When I got it, I had it out of the box on the counter, and was drinking an espresso in less than 10 minutes. That’s impressive! (It helped that this model came with a sample pack of 12 capsules).

I didn’t give it five stars for a couple of reasons. One, the milk frother is….finicky. The instructions on it were not terribly helpful, and the first couple of times I tried to heat and froth milk I got frothed but not heated. It simply kept turning itself off before the milk was heated. I think I figured it out: the metal frother attachment works with cold milk?
Anyway, if I use the little plastic one instead, it heats the milk for the right amount of time (but doesn’t quite froth as well as the metal one). Better instructions would be helpful, but I suspect the machine itself is not the greatest. Glad I didn’t pay full price for it.

Also, the coffee is not cheap. It’s ok if you’re comparing it to going to Starbucks or some other coffee place everyday, but I don’t; I’m comparing it to buying (good) coffee beans and making filter coffee every day. This is especially noticeable to me, because I’ve discovered I REALLY like espresso, so now that I have this machine, I’m drinking more, sometimes using 3-4 capsules a day (esp. because I’m often making double shots). So it is a luxury item for sure for me. I also find the nespresso club kind of a pain to deal with: you have to order in multiples of 50 on capsules. They got the coffee here quick (free shipping and in 2 days) but still, it’s not cheap. I’ll look into some other options for coffee too. But the coffee is good (I drink it black! What a concept for someone who could never tolerate black coffee before, but the flavors of the coffee are really quite delightful without anything to dilute or change them).

Overall, I’m super happy with my purchase, even if it is probably the beginning of a mildly expensive espresso habit. I do kind of wish I could also make good regular coffee with a machine like this, but for what this does, I couldn’t ask for more!

edited 3/14 I’ve bumped it up to 5 stars. I’m not quite sure what the difficulty was with the milk frother originally, but it’s worked perfectly every time since, and I’m delighted to have it. I love this combo, and for the price I paid for it–only a little over $100–it was well worth it.