DeLonghi Magnifica S Black Smart Automatic Cappuccino Machine with Free Set of 6 Italian Espresso Shot Glasses

  • Black and silver exterior
  • Prepares lattes and cappuccinos
  • Rotary and push button control panel
  • Thermoblock technology guarantees perfect brewing temperature
  • Energy saving switch that conserves up to 77% of energy

DeLonghi Magnifica S Black Smart Automatic Cappuccino Machine with Free Set of 6 Italian Espresso Shot Glasses Reviews

You will have to compromise on control, but if the price is right; its a bargain (By Bob)

This review is for the De’Longhi ECAM23260SB Magnifica Smart Espresso & Cappuccino Maker; at the time of purchase, Big Kitchen did not have the product description written for this maker.

I find it incredibly challenging to accurately use a star rating for this product because there are features, and there is value. I purchased this coffeemaker around Black Friday, and feel I got a great deal ($1050), most places I have seen this for sale it’s between $1300 and $1500; and for the price point I got it at, it is a great value and worthy of a 5 star rating. Now, the other side of this is that I very nearly returned this machine, because despite doing all of the things it promised to do; after researching many brands, and many price points for fully automatic makers; I wasn’t sure this did everything I wanted, and it doesn’t do everything I want; but I ultimately decided that paying another $1400 to get a couple of additional features wasn’t worth the money. I’l try to explain below; I should mention that this was a drastic switch for me; as we have used a French Press for many years; though through this process, I’ve discovered my wife has a love for lattes; and a strong opinion on what makes a good cup; I am less discerning on specialty drinks, as I mainly drink coffee; though, with this machine I am enjoying more of these specialty drinks now. I mention this, because while I did a lot of research, my taste buds may not be as refined as some. I will not exhaustively review this machine, as you can find many reviews on amazon and elsewhere that meticulously cover every feature and benefit, I’d rather focus on the issues that influenced my decision.

My wife and I love this machine (By Shepherd)

My wife and I love this machine. I researched long and hard for something that would do it all at the touch of a button, and this machine was it. We decided to put our Christmas money together to purchase this for ourselves. We ended up ordering it and opening it in November because we were so excited to try it out, so it has been 8 months or so at the time of this writing that we have been using it.

I had calculated the expense of coffee at coffee shops and was looking for a cheaper way to get our fix. This was it. By my estimates, this would cost us from 18 to 25 cents per cup. That was cheaper than nearly any drip, single cup, press, or percolator machine. Of course, the machine would cost a lot on the front end, but I thought is might even save money. The question was, “Would we drive by a coffee shop to have a good standard coffee, espresso, latte, or cappuccino at home with this machine?” The answer turned out to be “Yes.” Of course, we are having double shots most times and 2 or 3 lattes each some mornings, but I estimate it still is costing us less than a dollar or two most days. I estimate that by Christmas the machine will have paid for itself (consider $5 a day at the coffee shop–sometime twice that–and we were spending over $1000 a year at least).

So, here are the things we like about it: 1) Turn the dial and push the button and your coffee is there in a minute, ground fresh and at instantly drinkable temperature. When in the mood for a frothy drink, just grab the milk container from the fridge and attach it. Turn the dial to latte or cappuccino and watch it do all the work while you check your morning email. 2) The maintenance factor is generally low.
Simply dump the pucks in the trash when the machine signals and you are ready to go for a couple of more days.When the water container is empty, simply refill it and slide it back in and you are ready to go. 3) There is an opening that allows a scoop of ground coffee is handy. It allows us to have a coffee "taste" fix at night with decaf when the mood strikes. 4) The hot water spigot is great if you want to water down your shot or make a cup of hot cocoa.

Wife comment: "I like that it tastes fresh and I get to pick how strong I want it in the morning."

Some things we had to get used to: 1) It is loud when grinding the beans, but we don’t mind. Our kitchen is isolated from the sleeping areas in our house. 2) The descaling symbol lights up once a month for us (surely because we drink so much coffee) and it has to be descaled. This we have accepted as part of having a luxury machine. It takes about twenty minutes, but doesn’t have to be watched the whole time. Bulk descaler and filters at a cheap price can be found online and are recommended to keep on hand if you own this machine and use it regularly.

Some things we don’t like: 1) Oily beans do not always slide down the chute into the grinder. This leads to a weak shot or drink that ends up being dumped in the sink. This is advised against in the literature, but we sometimes want to purchase darker roasts, so we do it anyway and just listen to see if it is grinding or the beans are hung up in the hopper. If hung up, we just lift the lid and push them down in. In fairness, this was understood when we purchased it. We still can dislike it, though. 2) The descaling is an annoyance sometimes. Again, we knew this would be part of it, but we can still say we don’t like it. It’s not too bad a procedure, though, and we usually draw straws to see who does it each month. 3) When the water runs out in the middle of a brew, the machine simply stops, and the drink doesn’t get made. A feature to finish the cup would be nice. The only solution is to check before you start to see that there is enough water in the tank.

Wife comment: "I wish the coffee were hotter." Note: You can swish hot water in your cup to warm it up a little to help with this (or use the hot water from the instant spout on the machine). Another option is to turn the machine on and put your cup on the warmer on top. Of course, the thickness and material of the the cup one uses matters too. The small size of an espresso can have the heat absorbed out of it quickly in a thick mug that has been in a room temperature or cool kitchen cabinet. Thin double-walled glasses work a little better. You should also know that she puts a large amount of cold creamer from the fridge in her coffee after it is made.

Overall, we both agree that we love the machine. It is one of the best purchases we have made, especially since we use it every single day and it is a big part of our lives. I’m not sure how long it will last, but the two-year warranty was definitely a selling point. We also like the fact that at family dinners and events everyone gets to enjoy espresso, coffee, latte, and cappuccino at very little cost for the pleasure.

We are extremely happy with the purchase.

Excellent Automatic Espresso Machine (By Dave Andreas)

Excellent machine, it arrived quickly and I was surprised how well the product was packaged. Also the seller honoured a Delonghi promotion (premium cappucino cups) which was a pleasant surprise and added a few nice extras. I couldn’t be happier with the purchase and the price for this product.