DeLonghi EN680.M Nespresso Lattissima Single-Serve Espresso Maker, Metal

  • Patented “Single Touch” hot milk system. Simply slide the milk tank onto front of the machine, clean button makes it easy to maintain
  • Convenient illuminated control panel buttons allow you to choose your favorite drink with ease, with 2 milk and 2 coffee selections.
  • Easy-to-use patented coffee capsule system. Simply load the capsule into the machine and push the button.
  • Accommodates latte cups with the unique sliding drip tray
  • No waiting between preparing espresso and cappuccino with the double boiler system

DeLonghi EN680.M Nespresso Lattissima Single-Serve Espresso Maker, Metal Reviews

Latissima problems solved (By Susan Vazquez)

I loved this machine from the first time I saw and tried it. However, I started having problems on day 2 – the milk wouldn’t froth and it came out in spurts with a lot of water, not even filling 1/8 of the glass with milk. I took it back to Williams Sonoma and they cheerfully replaced it. It happened again to this new machine and, once again, I took it back for a replacement. (I had been in touch with Nespresso at all the junctures along the way and they replaced the milk jug and top twice.) When it happened on the third machine, I called the local Williams-Sonoma and asked if there was someone who could check out my machine. I am in the Danbury, CT area and Bill, at the local Williams-Sonoma, told me to leave it with him while I shopped and he would check it out. When I returned he told me it was frothing perfectly and then showed me how he set it up. It seems that I had not been pushing the jug connection tight enough. It has to click in. The lights had always been on and so I believed that the jug was connected correctly, but I was wrong. Not until I saw it being done and felt the connection, did I understand what I was doing wrong. Without being tightly connected it doesn’t work correctly. Now I push until I hear a click and/or push it in a second time holding the back of the machine as I push, and have been making perfect lattes. I recommend this machine highly but think the documentation should be rewritten with this little bit of information in bold letters. I have seen many reviews of this machine from people who have had the same problem and hope that they found the solution as this machine is wonderful.

want to like it but have to admit to myself I don’t (By Bob Lock)

Since I spent a fair amount on this machine just like the title of the review says, I have really tried to convince myself I like it and kept telling myself i’m not using it correctly and/or i’m being too picky but then i read other reviews that say the same thing and i finally just admitted “I spent a bundle on a vacation I didn’t really like”. The problem for me is the heat or the lack thereof. And, I’m not even an aficionado of espresso or cappuccino…give me a reasonably decent/potent strong hot one and i’m happy. This machine just doesn’t and i’ve tried all the tricks (modifying the amount of milk, doubling the espresso, major froth, minor froth, using the steamer once before making the coffee, attaching re-attaching, etc. etc.). To me it tastes watery and lukewarm almost all the time. And I have to agree with those others, the cup warmer is pretty useless but even if it wasn’t I want the drink to be hot itself, not through the external ‘warmth’ of the cup re-heating coffee. The espresso tastes good by itself generally but still isn’t as good as some of the other Nespresso machines i’ve used at hotels. Wish I could return it. As the others say, the design is sleek; the cleaning is comparatively easy and minimal.

It makes great coffee, when it works (By Momto4)

My bff has the Latissima Plus. It makes fantastic coffee and decided I’d splurge and have great coffee at my own house. I went for the Latissima because of the large water reservoir, the fact it refills from the front/bottom, and the cup warming option. After 10 days of intense use, I finally sent it back. Mine was persnickety. It refused to make a cup of coffee the first cup of the day. It would start, then immediately stop, and all the lights would blink (indicating low water as per the manual – no matter what the water level.) I’d start again and it would make coffee, but only froth a minute amount of milk (even after I’d adjusted the factory setting to make my desired amount of cappuccino frothed milk.) The third time would be the charm – mostly – so I finally learned this was when I’d finally put the Nespresso pod in the machine. It would work beautifully, until it wouldn’t. Sometimes it would froth, sometimes I’d get just milk. Sometimes just a little froth, sometimes a lot. There seemed to be no rhyme or reason to the variability. The same milk at the same temp, the same “froth level” setting, the same routine, including cleaning the frother after each use. After much discussion with my bff, who swears hers gets used 10+ times a day by her husband who never cleans it, she swears hers never acts up like this. I can say that when I spent a week with her, I never saw any issues with hers. Mine also would have large amounts of water in the drip tray, despite never seeing any water actually run in there. I suspect there was a leak in the system somewhere. Perhaps that was affecting the frothing ability?

I did like the front loading water reservoir, and the frothed milk, when working, was divine.
The cup warmer is beyond useless, as it takes forever to warm up, and by that time the machine has gone to stand-by power mode. Running hot water into the cup is a much quicker way to warm it.

I’d also add that the factory setting for the volume of coffee and cappuccino it made was minuscule. I understand that European espresso is a small volume, but even a full cappuccino run at factory setting did not fill an espresso cup half way. This machine allows you to set the volume to your liking, but still. The original setting just didn’t seem right.

I’ll admit I didn’t bother calling the company, as I felt that for that much money, it should simply work right out of the box.

So, my 3 stars is an average for 5 stars when it makes my cappuccino just right, and 1 for when it won’t do anything but spit small amounts of water and milk. My plan is to order a Latissima Plus and try my luck with the same model as my bff.

Update – I posted this exact review on the Nespresso website as well. I received an unsolicited email not 24 hours later from their customer service rep stating they were alarmed by my experience and wanted to help. My husband and I both spoke on the phone several times with the rep. He did not offer any way to fix my Latissma and simply stated \”it shouldn’t do those things, the computer chip isn’t working, send it back.\” I did appreciate he wasn’t wanting to talk me thru ways to try to get it to work. He very much wanted me to try another machine, and was exceedingly keen that I replace it with a Latissima Plus instead. I have a feeling that machine is more reliable across the board than the Latissima. More on that on my review of my new L. Plus. He also agreed to send me 30 capsules for free to make up for all the capsules I wasted trying to get my machine to work. So, I stand by my review of the machine, but would give a shout out to their customer service.

Awsome espresso (By Lucy)

I saw this machine and tried a few samples of espresso with my family in the Nepresso store in Boston a month ago. I ordered it as soon as I returned from my trip. I think it produces a fantastic espresso and I like the convenience of the pods. I also own the Keurig machine and the Tassimo machine. Obviously I like the convenience of pod machines. I love the Keurig machine for regular coffee and iced coffee. The Tassimo machine can’t compete with the Keurig machine for coffee. I bought it to make mostly cappuccinos and espresso with but it can’t touch the Nespresso lattissima. The lattissima uses real milk not prepackaged condensed milk and the espresso the lattissima produces is far superior to anything the Tassimo produces. Hands down the Lattisima is a far superior machine. I have no problem with the milk frother and the temp of the milk on the Lattissima machine. After reading the others comments about the temperature I have always just run hot water through the frother first and made sure my cup was at least room temperature. My model has the cup warmer on top which I think is great. It keeps the cups warm all the time. I think the espressos and cappuccinos are plenty hot and so do my kids. We’ve only had it a couple of weeks but it gets used two to three times a day, some times more. I’m having a dinner party in two weeks and looking forward to be able to offer great espresso and cappuccino after dinner. It also makes great iced lattes. At this time I have no complaints about it. We love it!

Update-there is a newer version of this machine out there and it is better. I purchased the newer one in the fall and love it. The old machine is still working and my son took it to college. They have made many improvements to the new machine and it is cheaper. See my review of the new machine.