DeLonghi EN670.B Nespresso Lattissima Single-Serve Espresso Maker, Black

  • Patented “Single Touch” hot milk system. Simply slide the milk tank onto front of the machine. Clean button makes it easy to maintain.
  • Convenient illuminated control panel buttons allow you to choose your favorite drink with ease, with 2 milk and 2 coffee selections.
  • Easy-to-use patented coffee capsule system. Simply load the capsule into the machine and push the button.
  • Accommodates latte cups with the unique sliding drip tray
  • No waiting between preparing espresso and cappuccino with the double boiler system

DeLonghi EN670.B Nespresso Lattissima Single-Serve Espresso Maker, Black Reviews

Expensive, but worth it (By Joshdog)

We just got this machine over the holidays and have been more than impressed. In fact, we’re down-right addicted to it. It truly is very easy to use and makes great espressos, lattes and cappuccinos (kudos to Nespresso for excellent pod quality). Has completely replaced Starbucks for us, which has resulted in big savings and convenience. Also perfect for dinner parties, where we can make drink after drink after drink with practically no effort.

The only issues I’ve found is that it does drip a little after making drinks, which leads to some clean-up, but pretty minor. And, those pod costs do add up, but that’s the case with any machine and still a fraction of what you would pay at Starbucks.

Others have complained about the temperature of the drinks, and it is a little cooler than I would like for the first drink. However, I found that running the “clean” mode on the milk container before making the drinks helps heat up the tubes and makes for hotter initial drink. Also, quickly preheating the cup with hot water helps. All this takes about 12 seconds. Once you’re past the first, it’s fine.

One hint on the milk, we’ve found that using 2% “pasteurized” instead of “ultra-pasteurized” gives a better, thicker foam.

Only reason why four stars instead of five is the initial machine cost and ongoing pod cost.

After four years, still the best I’ve had (By J. Pappan)

To preface this review, my household is composed of coffee drinkers… Lattes to be exact. We’re talking about 8-10 servings per day with this unit. So it has had some serious usage over the past four years of ownership.

This machine gets five stars just because I haven’t had to buy another one. This is my third machine, the other two failed within 18 months to two years. I don’t recall the brand or models.

– The milk frother makes coffee as good or better than what you’d find at a “real” coffee house. Cleaning isn’t fun each time, but not because of design, but because it’s a dairy product and it can’t be left out. I find that keeping it filled and just storing it in the fridge between uses in the best solution to prevent daily cleaning.
– It produces a “shot” within about 20-30 seconds. My last machines would slow down over time and the pump would become weak. This thing pumps like it’s the first day it has been used.
– The design is still top notch. You have to manually load each capsule, but it holds about ten empties, enough to last at least one day in a busy house.
– The water reservoir is large and hidden. It has a nice gauge to tell you when empty, since it’s hidden.
– It has a steamer as well. The steamer attachment and the milk frother attachment are one in the same… remove the steamer attachment and attach the frothing container.

– After four years, I wouldn’t change much about this machine. The platform where you place your mug for the espresso/coffee is small. A standard mug really doesn’t stand there too well without falling. My solution was to find a small stainless steel pitcher for the espresso, much like you’d see at starbucks, except smaller. Kind of like a mini-pitcher. I chose this…
Update International EP-12 Stainless Steel Frothing Pitcher, 12-Ounce and it’s pretty much ideal.

Another thing, I believe this comes with a cleaning solution (it did four years ago) which you add to the water and let run occasionally. It cleans off the buildup in the machine. This is particularly important if you have hard water.

You need to spend money to get a espresso maker. I couldn’t be happier with Nespresso products, their Ristretto espresso has a very bold flavor that is as good or better than any $4 latte.

As a cost comparison, I usually a drink large (venti) latte from Starbucks with four shots. This is around $4.75 with the extra shot (venti comes with three). The cost of four capsules is about $2.. plus milk, I’m looking at the same drink for under $2.50… about half the price. This will pay for itself at some point, depending on how much coffee your drink.

Simple to operate, Makes good coffees, Pushbutton cleanup (By M. Kaz)

I have the unit for 2 weeks. Overall I am very satisfied with the unit. This is really an automatic unit that is simple to operate and makes a variety of coffees & lattes real easy. You have a choice between small and larger size cups/coffees. Excellent milk froth unit with 3 levels of froth. I am using the unit at our office without a sink, the machine basically cleans itself, just push a button. You can adjust the quantities of coffee and milk if you don’t like the factory settings. New setup will be kept until you want to change it again or go back to factory settings. This allows you to experiment till you find the right settings for your taste. The machine makes very good coffees & lattes.

What I did not like is not that bad. Coffee and milk come out worm, but not real hot, if you want it real hot there is no adjustment. The milk froth unit does not have a handle so it needs attention inserting it in and out of the main unit.

Some helpful notes:
For best results from the first cup – Read the short manual 2-3 times before using the unit. The manual has photos for each step. I Wish all manuals were that clear.

When I purchased the machine I did not know there are several type/size of capsules/coffee makers and they are not interchangeable. This Nespresso type machine must use Nespresso capsules only. The machine came with 13 samples of different coffees and an order booklet with instructions how to order the Nespresso coffee capsules at 51 cents each.

Update: Dec. 2012
Had it now for 2 years. Fantastic machine. Never had a bad cup of coffee with it. I use only distilled water so didn’t need to descale it.

Excellent Machine (By Vic&Adri)

This is actually our first expresso/coffee machine. We bought because we always have friends over who complain about not having good coffee.
I’ve been a tea drinker my entire life and buying this machine for guests seemed like an expensive choice. however, I did read a lot of reviews of Nespresso and its flavor, so we went for it anyways. Since my wife does drink Capuccino and latte, the espresso only machine was no option and the Lattissima seemed to be the cheapest fully automatic capuccino option for nespresso (the aeroccino option in other machines seemed too much of a hassle). I also figured that since the patent of Nespresso on the capsules is about to expire, the prices will lower over time, so hopefully in the future we do have better prices per capsule!

Here a more detailed description:

Set up:
Anyways, the machine arrived and I was pretty excited to say the least. Setting it up went rather quickly.
I found the manuals good enough for the most part and the fact that you can regulate your own amount of milk and coffee, that is great! so we could adjust it to your own cups.

I dont think the machine is noisy. I’ve seen other nespresso machines and they are equally noisy.

The machine does generate some dripping which goes directly into the dripping tray (I guess some pressure release or something). On the outside we only see vapor. I dont think this is a problem and it is not really an exesive amount of water.
When removing the milk container it can sometimes drip some milk. I dont find this problematic. Maybe other people do.

coffee Options:
this is the best feature!. We were able to adjust our own amount of milk for latte, capuccino and espressos.