Delonghi ECAM28465M Prima Donna Fully Automatic Espresso Machine with latte Crema System, Silver

  • Patented Single Touch Latte Crema System
  • Stainless Steel Housing with Digital Display
  • Memory Function
  • Removable 2 Liter Water Tank
  • Hot Water Spout to be used for Tea or Hot Chocolate
  • Utilize De’Longhi’s specialized call center for help in setting up and maintaining your machine at 866-528-8323 (LatteBest)

Delonghi ECAM28465M Prima Donna Fully Automatic Espresso Machine with latte Crema System, Silver Reviews

Starbucks in my Kitchen!!! (By T Anderson)

There are three things I wish I had done before using this awesome energy brewing machine.

1. I wish I would have read the directions
2. I wish I would have watched the DVD
3. I wish I would have read the reviews here which tell me to do 1 & 2 before using it.

Being an engineer has it’s disadvantages. One of them being I like to figure out how things work. What I keep forgetting is that someone else already has, and they have written it down for me.

In the morning I no longer jump out of bed ready to conquer the day. After almost 50 years on this planet I have finally the days have started to conquer me, BUT this coffee maker has really helped put a little more pep into my step.

After figuring out how it works, this has become my brain’s best friend in the morning. There are a lot of different options for coffee.

Although this coffee maker make some delicious coffee, my goal in the morning is to wake up. My favorite thing to do is to take a double espresso and dump it in some crushed ice with the little creamer stir it until the ice is gone and then slam it. Afterwards I’ll make some thing and enjoy apply finish getting ready.

Needless to say by the time I make it to the train, which is what I ride to work, I’m ready to start emailing and figuring out my day. Although, now I try to find the coolest car to sit in since my metabolism is running pretty hot by then.

This thing has been the center of conversation with any guests that we have had over the past few weeks. Everybody wants to try something, and most people are amazed that something like this is made for the home. All my friends with Keurigs are absolutely jealous.

Over all the experience been great, and if you can afford a coffeemaker like this, this is the one to get in this price range.

One cappuccino to rule them all (By Arnold)

I’d been reluctant to get a cappuccino maker because they always seemed like such work. Fortunately, this Prima Donna model takes a lot of the frustration out of making cappuccinos in the morning.

This cappuccino machine has its own grinder so you don’t have to worry about grinding the coffee beans beforehand (or buying ground beans). Just let the machine do the work for you. It’s pretty quiet and seems to do the job well.

One of the highlights of this system is the integrated milk carafe. If you want cream in your cappuccino, you can put the milk in a separate container. When you’re done using the machine, you can store the container in the fridge. It’s simple, but it’s a great little system that lets you reuse the milk and not worry about wasting it.

I’m not really sure if this machine is targeted towards professionals, like restaurants or cafes, or home consumers. While day-to-day use is pretty simple, it does require some set up. It even comes with a (very helpful) DVD to explain how it all works. I tend to have little patience with appliances and prefer them “ready to use” out of the box, but that’s not really the case with this machine. That’s certainly not a deal-breaker, but just something to be aware of.

Now I have to mention the price. Needless to say it’s expensive, much more so even than other cappuccino makers out there. You definitely get value for your money in terms of this being a user-friendly machine, but I honestly don’t know if this cappuccino maker produces a better cappuccino than the other ones (the flavor is mostly in the beans anyways). I’ll let each buyer determine whether or not the price is acceptable.

From zero to barista (By J)

This turned me from an instant-coffee making robot to a true expresso making barista overnight. It’s like having my own personal Starbucks in my kitchen. The initial setup was a bit confusing and challenging. Just be prepared for a little frustration. The unit arrived with the main power button already powered on. When I plugged it in and followed the setup steps, things didn’t quite occur exactly as listed in the setup guide. For instance, it was supposed to confirm my language selection but never did. Also, I had some trouble getting it to recognize the milk container. It kept prompting me to insert the hot water nozzle and nothing in the instructions addressed that specific issue. I lost count of how many times I inadvertently sprayed hot water while trying to complete the setup. My advice is to have several cups on hand and to always keep an empty cup under both dispensing nozzles, (meaning both the hot water/milk nozzle and the dual coffee nozzle) until you have a thorough working knowledge of the machine. That will save you from some unexpected messes. Setup also includes testing your water hardness and setting the appropriate hardness setting on the machine. Despite the less than friendly setup experience, once I eventually got everything up and running, boy was I a very happy camper. You can either use whole beans or ground beans. It has a built-in bean grinder and hot water spout that comes pre-attached and can be used in place of the milk frother for tea and such. Otherwise, replace the spout with the milk frothing canister and set a froth level from none (warm milk) to max, like used in a cappuccino. The dual dispensers can quickly fill one cup or two cups simultaneously. You can set brewing times, strength and how many cups it will make all on the digital display.
You can also press one of the one touch buttons for an instant drink of your choice. The machine will automatically dispense the coffee and milk based on your choice. The results are great and the coffee tastes outstanding. Obviously, the quality of your whole or freshly ground beans is a key factor but even with so-so quality beans, this coffee tastes light years richer and more flavorful than my instant coffee and makes me question why I invested in Keurig at all. None of my current coffee makers comes close to the taste of this machine. Once all configured, it is super easy to quickly start knocking out great tasting espressos, cappuccinos, macchiatos, or whatever style coffee you want as well as tea or warm milk. With a little practice and ingredients, you can make just about anything you currently overpay the coffee chains for daily. In fact, if you spend $10 a day on coffee in boutiques or chains like Starbucks, this machine will pay for itself in a year.

There are some housekeeping tasks necessary to keep things running smoothly. The machine requires occasional de-scaling. Frequency depends on water hardness. You program the hardness level into the machine during setup to calculate des calling frequency. A water hardness test strip is included with the machine. The washable parts, such as the water reservoir, are easily removed for cleaning. The frother has a cleaning mode that will prompt you to use after each use of the frother. Just make sure you remove your coffee first and place an empty cup under the milk dispenser unless you like the taste of cleaning water in your coffee or want to make a mess. Lastly, the reservoir has a water filter that must be replaced every two months. Oddly, if the filter is installed and the machine is unused, it will only last three weeks. Amazon sells the filters for a good price.

Last week this time, I was brewing Caffee mocha flavored K cups which basically tasted like hot chocolate mixed with coffee. Now I’m brewing real Caffee mochas with real dark chocolate shavings and whipped cream on top. I have definitely stepped up my coffee game several levels.