DeLonghi DeLonghi PrimaDonna S Deluxe Super Automatic Espresso Machine ECAM26455M

  • The DeLonghi Prima Donna S Compact ECAM26455M is a compact one-touch, super automatic cappuccino and espresso machine. Automatically froth milk for lattes and macchiatos. Dual stainless steel-lined boiler system makes piping hot ristretto and coffee. Item number ECAM 26455M. 2-year warranty. Made in Italy.

DeLonghi DeLonghi PrimaDonna S Deluxe Super Automatic Espresso Machine ECAM26455M Reviews

PrimaDonna Deluxe Is The One…stop searching (By VIERA H.)

If you are looking for The One Coffee Machine, don’t look anywhere else, this one is The One. My husband and I enjoy making coffee every morning and I was looking for the push one button machine, not complicated, something simple yet wonderful. I believe PrimaDonna Deluxe was absolutely the right choice for us. We are still testing different coffee beans, flavors, and finding out what everything this coffee machine can deliver. The look and design is very nice, complements my kitchen appliances, it looks very professional. One thing is true that we would like the coffee to come out hotter, but there is always room for improvement. Everybody loves simplicity of this coffee machine, even my nieces and friends suddenly visit our house more often. So, I guess we will be making lots of coffees and hot chocolates.

High quality product with at works well (By Christopher Tidwell)

Excellent product, great quality and has worked to brew over 800 cappuccinos without issue.

Sensors remind you when to add water, replace the filter and clean the milk frother. It also notifies you when your beans are low but I wish it notifies you BEFORE it tried to brew a cup. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve started a cappuccino, walked away only to return to a watered down brew due to the tank not having enough beans to brew properly.

Unit is easy to clean and maintain. I feel like it would last several years without issue. I’m not sure what the one negative review from London was complaining about. He must have just received a defective unit; it happens.

Poor reliability and service but decent coffee of you can get to work (By Sandsman)

I am really disappointed in this machine. For the price you would think it would be of higher build quality. We have one of these machines in London and I had to send it back for repairs after 3 months as the steam line blew — this when I religiously descale and maintain it. After that it was worked fine but we didn’t have a machine for several weeks. My wife, who is very particular about her expresso, asked that I get the same machine here in the states for her and I did. Got machine but out of the box the steamer didn’t quite work right and the grinder stopped functioning after a week. I called Delonghi service and they were quite nice but again I need to send the machine away for service. Not having a machine for us is a big issue. I asked for a replacement but that is not their policy — for me at this price and for an out of the box failure – they should replace it. It’s just not the US standard service levels. We wouldn’t know for how long the machine will be gone as they might not even have the parts in the US and that is after I have to ship it across the country by ground – again that is their system. Very frustrating for a very expressive machine. Again, the service center was very helpful in trying to get this fixed but seriously constrained by corporate and policies. Bottom line is that we like this machine which is why we borough another one even at a higher price than what they charge in Europe, but I wouldn’t do it again in the US — more choices and better customer Service can be had elsewhere – at the high end Delonghi just doesn’t get the US consumers expectations for quality and support. BTW – while waiting for the box to send it off to get fixed the screen stopped working — a very expensive paperweight.