DeLonghi America EN750MB Nespresso Lattissima Pro Machine

  • Patented De’Longhi automatic cappuccino Latte Crema System
  • Patented Nespresso capsule system
  • Sensor touch display
  • Premium finishes and Italian design
  • Choose among 6 pre-programmed drinks (ristretto, espresso, lungo, cappuccino, latte, hot milk and hot water function for tea

DeLonghi America EN750MB Nespresso Lattissima Pro Machine Reviews

Lattissima Plus Versus Lattissima Pro (By Amazon Customer)

I am a big Nespresso fan – love the coffee and ease of preparation – and this is the third Nespresso machine I have owned after switching over from traditional automatic expresso makers. If you don’t mind the hassle and expense of ordering your pods via mail order it is a nice way to go.

It replaced a De’Longhi Latissima Plus with the Pro, and will compare the two. Please note that the Pro is about two hundred dollars more than the Plus:

First of all, if the added two hundred dollars is really stretching your budget, I would stick with the Plus. It is a fine machine, and while it does not have some of the features of the Pro, it will still produce a similarly great beverage.

The Pro is more substantial with more use of metal versus plastic. Though both work well, the milk frother is more substantial on the Pro, as a bit easier to clean. The Pro has a digital operations screen that has more settings. I also like the way the adjustable cup holder is built on the Pro. The plastic one on the Plus gets wedged easily and is sometimes hard to remove.

Whether or not the above justify $200 is a tough question, as the coffee tends to taste the same. The Pro feels like it is better built, but electronic displays often concern me, as they are an expensive item that usually needs replacing. Only time will tell on durability.

Perfect choice for those who like milk in their coffee, appreciate convenience, entertain, or fuel many coffee drinkers (By I Do The Speed Limit)

The highlights:
–The consistency of the milk froth is better than the froth on the smaller Lattissima Plus machine and way better (and quicker) than the froth made by the Nespresso Aeroccino. (You can make more froth, too, than what you can with the Lattissima Plus.)
–This machine holds more water (6 cups compared to 4 cups), more milk (2 cups compared to 2 cups), more spent capsules (5-6 more), than the Lattissima Plus.
–You will experience a HOTTER beverage with this machine. (Yeah!! They finally did it!)
–It is also easier to create hot milk or just froth without a capsule inserted. (So you can add hot milk or froth to a beverage that was created other than in your Lattissima machine.

If you entertain, or if you have many coffee drinkers waiting in line for their latte before heading out the door in the morning, this is the machine for you! With the Aeroccino, you can only make foam for two cups at a time. And the foam is not as thick. And the foam is not as consistent: You will get a lot of hot milk along with your froth. (Not necessarily a bad thing, but not always what you want.)

It’s amazing that a machine with such a small footprint can produce such a great variety of coffee beverages. When you take into consideration the 21 coffee bean blends, (plus several special release blends throughout the year); add an infinite variety of water-to-bean ratios; an infinite variety of milk proportions and foam thicknesses–well, it provokes excitement each time you turn it on.

You can use the machine with or without adding milk. And the milk container detaches for storage in the frig. When not using the milk frother, you will be extremely happy with the pure flavor of the coffee and its crema: It is thick, rich and luxurious.
(It is \”authentic\” too, where the crema created by Nespresso’s Vertuoline seems extreme.)

Nespresso excels at its coffee blends, which are created by masterful coffee experts. We have another machine at home that grinds and brews whole beans one cup at a time. While it is a beautiful and expensive machine, what I create by choosing my own coffee grind and water quantity, just cannot compare with the flavor of the simple and convenient Nespresso capsules.

We buy our capsules from Nespresso online. We order a four-five month supply at a time to maximize the value of their flat-rate shipping charge. They have never messed up an order. Shipping is very quick. Of course, we have our favorite blends, but we are fond of all the blends and always try to keep all 21+ blends on hand.

The 21 coffee blends cover a broad range personal preferences, from very intense and bold flavors to fairly mild and gentle taste sensations: Fruity, smoky, nutty, grainy, floral. There are three decaf flavors from which to choose. There are coffees especially blended for the tiny .85 oz. ristretto, the 1.35 oz. espresso and the 3.7 oz. lungo.

Then, from all that I’ve read, people are constantly mixing and matching different blends and different amounts of water to product their own customized brews. In addition to the three pre-set water volumes, this machine can be programmed for water levels from anywhere between 1.7 to 13.5 ounces. (Milk can be programmed from 1 to 6.8 ounces.)

When you add milk, the possibilities are almost endless, because you can program the milk volume from 1 to 6.8 ounces.
It is so easy to use and so easy to clean! But, I have to say, that if the choice of coffee was poor or the quality of the coffee was less than superb, \”easy\” would have no bearing on how well we liked this machine. After using the milk frother or after pouring hot milk, you just turn a simple dial and the machine shoots steam and hot water through the spout to clean it. There are other features that help you clean up your machine, too: In the brewing process, hot water enters the drip tray from inside the machine. If you are not in the practice of cleaning the drip tray daily, this machine will remind you when the tray is ready to overflow because of a tiny red plastic floating button that will poke up between the slats of the drip tray. There are not many removable parts, but the ones that need to be cleaned regularly are easy to get to, easy to wash up and easy to reinstall.

The only fault I can think of–and it’s so minor, I feel that I’m clutching at straws in mentioning it: There are always a few straggling drips of coffee after the brewing ends. But because you need to have some kind of cup available to catch the water residue involved in the cleaning process, it’s no big deal to switch out your coffee cup for your cleaning cup. We didn’t have to search too hard to find a little cup that (kind of) matched the machine, and that’s what we routinely keep positioned under the brewer spout when not actually brewing.

I really love this machine. I have used a Lattissima for many, many years. It is my favorite Nespresso machine, because I do enjoy a special, creamy, frothy coffee beverage daily. (If I didn’t like the milk so much, I would choose a different Nespresso machine.) I know so much about this machine, I could go on and make this review longer. (Oh, no!) But, over the years, many people have contacted me through my public email address (listed on my Amazon Profile Page) asking for advice. So feel free to do so. I always respond. I know, the choices are sometimes overwhelming, especially with so many coffee machines on the market. (My single-serve experience started with Tassimo way back and it was dumped because of safety issues. Then we tried Kuerig. I have Nespresso CitZ, Pixie, U, the Lattissima Plus and this Lattissima Pro, and also two Aeroccino frothers. We also have a Gaggia for Illy and a Jura ENA Micro 1.)

Awesome machine, but get it on sale (By Gadget Girl)

I purchased the machine for myself as a birthday present, and I’ve had it for about 6 weeks. We have a Pavoni espresso machine, which my husband loves for his espressos, but I think it’s a pain for making lattes: grinding the beans, tamping down the pod, “pulling” the lever (which will be really hard if you tamp it too densely), steaming the milk, and then cleaning the steaming wand, not to mention what a pain to refill the water chamber (turn off, wait till pressure is gone, then you can refill). Why am I listing all of these steps? Because that’s what you don’t have to worry about with the Lattissima! Here are my steps now: turn on the machine, get the milk container out of the fridge and plug into the front, put an espresso capsule in the top, stick a mug under the spout, and push the Latte button. Done. You do need to clean the frother, which is just putting another cup under the spout, turn the milk to “clean” and let it clean, then you can remove the milk container and stick it in the fridge. I clean the milk container once a week, soaking all the pieces in a bowl of hot soapy water for a few hours.

What I like: it tells me what to do next – “turn milk to clean”, and “put milk back in fridge”. It is easy to clean, both the base and the milk container. I like the milk container situation – I think what they’ve done to keep it clean ensures there’s no moldy/yukky stuff sticking around anywhere. Holds enough water for the week, and easy to refill water. It makes perfect foam! I have it on the lowest foam setting and it’s still a lot of foam for me. It’s not too loud (I’ve used Keurig and Tassimo – they are louder!) It’s mostly simple to use (I did read the manual first). It seems sturdy and well-built.
You can make hot water (which I honestly haven’t used yet). You can recycle the capsules (I think Sur La Table accepts them). And last, the espressos are just as good as what I can make on my Pavoni!

What I don’t like: as others have mentioned, the frothed milk is not that hot (the espresso is hot). That’s one thing I do miss from the Pavoni – really hot milk. Also, the pre-programmed milk volume is not that much, 5oz. You can change the programming to increase to a max of 6.8oz but instead I just have a second Latte. I probably will change the programming at some point (when I go through my first batch of capsules and have to buy more!)

Overall, I’m very pleased with this machine. Was it worth the $$? I think so (I got it on sale and didn’t pay full price). Would I have paid the original price of $599? Probably not – DeLonghi did lower the price to $499, then some retailers offered additional discounts. So if you want the convenience of a capsule system with great tasting espressos, and are fine with not-super-hot milk, and can justify the cost, this is a great buy.

Update 6/6/2015: After several months of perfect lattes, I had the following experience. I usually clean the milk carafe every 1 to 2 weeks – I take all the pieces apart and soak them in a bowl of hot, soapy water for several hours. While putting it back together yesterday, the top milk froth regulator knob would not go back in place. I futzed with it the whole day, unsuccessfully. I soaked it multiple times for several hours in hot soapy water, I took a fork and tried to play with the spring-loaded receptacle, I searched the web for answers as well to see if I could just buy a carafe by itself (nothing and no), I stopped by the local Williams Sonoma so I could look at another carafe and see how it worked (they didn’t have any in stock). I was just getting ready to call the Nespresso support line, when I thought I would run it through a dishwashing cycle. While still very warm from the cycle ending, I tried again, and this time whatever was stuck became unstuck. Whew. I can’t believe how much it bothered me that this $$$ machine would have mechanical problems so soon, and how much time I spent on it! So, a few thoughts after my day of frustration: 1) De Longhi needs to sell carafes separately (one for soy and one for milk?) 2) Hasn’t anyone else had this problem? Why couldn’t I find anything else about it on the web? and 3) I’m pretty pathetic if I let this bother me and consume my whole day!

By the way, the manual does recommend dishwashing every week, but soaking in hot water for several hours is also okay if you do not have a dishwasher. I guess I wasn’t soaking it often enough?

Update 6/8/2016: Over a year later, still VERY happy with my machine. One minor nit-pick though, and this would be the same for either of the Lattissima machines, is the clean function. While I usually only have one or two lattes a day, when you have company and want to make several right at the same time, having to clean after every cup is not very efficient. How about cleaning after the last one? I haven’t yet tried to pull the milk carafe off and put it back on and see if that resets the clean…

My Kick-Ass Kick Start to the Day! (By Karina)

I love this machine. I’ve owned several coffee machine over time, and I used to ground my own beans and make pure black coffee, but it turns out I love my coffee but don’t care for the work. Purists probably won’t love this machine, you can’t choose your beans, concentration and all the subtleties that make up a purist cup of coffee. I personally adore it. I still get to choose my beans in a sense, there are a ridiculous number of choices (with very pretty colors) ranging from mild to bold. You get to choose your milk, the concentration of coffee, several settings that help make this machine as simple or customizable as you’d like. Makes me feel like I own a bistro!

The capsules for this machine range from 70 cents – $1.20 per capsule. I did the math for me and decided it was worth the money, don’t let the price tag scare you, if you love coffee, this is a treat!

My only problem with this is that recently (after about eight months after purchase) it required a process called descaling which required me to order a cleaning kit, hopefully it won’t be too often. Apart from this, it has not caused me any trouble.

Note: I purchased this from Amazon Warehouse deal, and it was absolutely worth it at that price.